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Here is a fine project I'm working on at the moment Transformed ex-offenders, mentors and friends ministries - you think God is not real? Well, please explain how these lives changed. As one of the brothers said, "What 12 years in jail, mental institutes and on the streets couldn't change, one word from God altered forever." Brethren just watch the statistics - Christ works, the world doesn't. We got some of the testimonies up on YouTube too. Bring it on all you others, show me what your god does, cos we ain't afraid on this one, only Christ can do open heart surgery and take out your heart of stone and put in one of flesh. And that is one of many reasons we love him.

Quotes that prove conspiracy is not theory...

Conspiracy theory proved by quotations for the serious student of history, economics and international politics. I guarantee these subjects and their interaction will become more interesting and intelligible.

I'm reminded of the gospel by reading this sad quote from one of the guys involved in the TGN1412 drug test in North London that went so wrong.

"I have made the biggest mistake of my life," he said last week. "I feel like I've given away my life for £2,000. None of us is sure about the future. It could be that in six months time we are dead."

The Times - page 3

I guess that's how people will feel when they have crossed from this life into the next and realise for what a little sum the devil lured them to abandon caution and follow him. A la Proverbs, and how the adulteress seeks to lead astray the simple youth who does not know that her steps lead to death, down to hell.

some gospel stuff

Question: What could equip us to be more countercultural, living in a nation that is very much at the center of power?


We need to begin to read the Bible differently. Americans have been preoccupied with the end of the Gospel of Matthew, the Great Commission: "Go and make." I call them go-and-make missionaries. These are the go-and-fix-it people. The go-and-make people are those who act like it's all in our power, and all we have to do is "finish the task." They love that passage! But when read from the center of power, that passage simply reinforces the illusion that it's about us, that we are in charge.

I would like to suggest a new favorite passage, the Great Invitation. It's what we find if we read from the beginning of the Gospels rather than the end. Jesus says, "Come, follow me. I will make you fishers of men." Not "Go and make," but "I will make you." It's all about Jesus. And do you know the last words of Jesus to Peter, in John 21? "Follow me." The last words of Simon Peter's encounter are the same as the first words.

Can we begin to read those passages that trouble us, that don't reinforce our cultural centeredness? Let's go back to Matthew 25 and read it in the church in America, over and over. Who are Jesus' brothers? The weak, the hungry, the immigrant workers, the economic outcasts. Let's read the passage of this woman who pours ointment over Jesus. Let's ask, who is mostly in the company of Jesus? Not bishops and pastors! The bishops and pastors are the ones who suggest he's a lunatic! Who enjoys his company? The ordinary folk, so ordinary that their characterization is simply this: "sinners." Can we begin to point to those passages?

Yet this ability to read different passages, to read the Bible differently, won't happen until people are displaced from their comfort zones. I thank the Lord for deep friendships he has given to me beyond my comfort zone, beyond my culture, beyond my language. Until that happens, we will all be tribal, all of us.


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