FileMaker Fusion Reactor PopUpMenu: syntax and implementation

If I am repeating documentation found elsewhere please point me to it! ;)

Fusion Reactor PopUpMenu

      You need to download Fusion Reactor plug-in for this demo.

      It is first worth noting that you need a script to be attached to this - default behaviour is to pass the user selection to the script as the ScriptParameter.

  • undocumented[?] valuelist syntax for Value with ID based PopUpMenu

      A straight forward value list can be passed to the PopUpMenu:




      Both will appear the same, but the first case will return the item as the script parameter, the second will return the hidden 'id'. How you build such a valuelist is up to you.

      I will be using this technique for all sorts of things, in the first instance for a Country entering field as per websites, where I'm actually after a unique ID, so I can later universally change the country name instantly. This is demo'ed in file below.

  • generic script idea

      A simple Object naming convention and carefully built script will allow you to implement multiple uses of this PopUpMenu on one page, where they all 'do' different things, but use one script. This one only works for multiple PopUpMenus that edit fields, and it looks like this:

      For clearer documentation and examples see the demo file.

  • demo file