1950James Stewart Martin | Head of Economic Warfare | Justice Department

We cannot allow the lack of social responsibility characteristic of the international behavior of private corporations during the last quarter century to become a pattern for government.

Prewar movies had pictured the goose stepping Nazis as the absolute masters of Germany. Our...questioning of Alfred Krupp and his works managers erased that impression. Adolf Hitler and his Party had never been allowed quite to forget that they had depended on the industrialists to put them in office, and that in future they could go further with the industrialists' help than without it.

We had not been stopped in Germany by German business... by American business. The forces that stopped us had operated from the United States but had not operated in the open. We were not stopped by a law of Congress, by an Executive Order of the President, or even by a change of policy approved by the President...in short, whatever it was that had stopped us was not `the government.' But it clearly had command of channels through which the government normally operates

The relative powerlessness of governments in the growing economic power is of course not new....ational governments have stood on the sidelines while bigger operators arranged the world?s affairs.

Source: All Honourable Men, 1950.

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