1995Wesley Allen Riddle (1961- ) | Professor of History, West Point, Lieutenant Colonel

West Point is USA equivalent of Sandhurst military officers academy in the UK.

If some do not recognize their impending slavery, it is because the tyrant who steals our freedoms is subtle, multifaceted, sometimes benevolent, and wears the mask of a smiling bureaucrat and government social worker, who has your supposed best interest in mind... The liberty we have gotten is not the sort the Founders intended. It serves no purpose nor ends but our own destruction. We witness now the onset of social chaos sanctioned by government, without the consent of the people to do it.

"Secession and the Moral Compact", Vital Speeches of the Day, Wesley Allen Riddle, August 1, 1995, p.635-639. Wes Riddle for Congress.

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