Some areas of conspiracy theory are so BIG and obvious that thinking people inevitably say, "That can't be true - we'd have heard about it." Such a comment assumes our media is not under significant control on such crucial issues.

Thus, a brief, but very important consideration of "the freedom of the press" as part of such a theory is essential. Such a comprehensive conspiracy is practically incredible, and the profound effect this has on the individual is well summarised by J Edgar Hoover (1st director of the FBI):

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous ? he simply cannot believe it exists.

For Christians trying to overcome such a disbelief barrier, please consider a helpful similar paradigm: that we believe the whole world is blinded by the god of this age regarding the truth about God, and it is a massive and more substantial and serious delusion than the one you are going to read. It also possesses veracity that is easier to demonstrate across a far wider range of disciplines [yes, a website on this is coming!].

The bible, in effect, proposes a conspiracy theory that makes any merely political, economic and historical ones look quite pale by comparison.