Biblical theology provides strong reasons for a more literal reading of Genesis than the Briefing (produced by Matthias Media and The Good Book Company) posited in the "the Design of Genesis" issue 337 (October 2006). I had intended to insert this article, but they decided to publish a substantial chunk as a letter. Nonetheless, I thought it might be useful to make it more widely available.

Thanks to this discussion in the Briefing I have been involved in an amiable presentation of differing views at Christ Church Bromley on 2nd April 2008. The recordings are all here.1 There was a response from the noble Vernon Wilkins and Marcus Honeysett who had a different view again, and helpfully raised some issues. A response written and refined in 2008-09, but delayed in publishing as I never got OKs/responses from the brothers, however, I trust it is helpful albeit blunt. My love for theistic evolutionists/non-YECS* remains!

    see also

  1. A solid critique of original the Design of Genesis issue by Tas Walker from Creation on the Web
  2. A sometimes tedious, but generally very interesting extremely long Syndey Anglican thread discussing this whole issue at length [and I said this having read up to page 40 - it has now grown to 80+ pages! God bless them, there is some cracking stuff going out there, but no change of lines at all... ;)]. Some great arguments here, and counter-arguments. Some brutality too [the group hug at one point was great!!!]! I'm still watching and learning from this one. Big up all contributors (mostly, ho ho)!
  3. A response to the conclusion at the end of the 'monster interchange' in issue 339, to address some factual errors and misrepresentation of Calvin and Luther amongst other things.
  4. A note on being non-divisive over this issue.